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,,,, captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: ♪ [music] ♪ good-bye, earl. the once powerful hurricane leaves the u.s. now businesses are hoping to recover from the
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slow start to the holiday weekend. good evening and thanks to are joining us, everyone. i'm adam may. earl's journey up the atlantic coast came to an end. one man drowned while trying to secure his boat in the rough waters as the storm pounded the shoreline there with strong waves and heavy rains. earl also passed through new england on friday night. it was a weakened tropical storm at that point. now the storm's brush with the northeast was less severe than expected but it was enough to make some labor day tourists cancel their plans. it is causing dangerous rip currents at some maryland beaches. one day after earl battered the beach at ocean city -- >> it is a beautiful day. we had no problems with earl or nothing. >> reporter: the remaining rip currents are too much for some. this 5-year-old is one of many who had to be rescued. >> boogie boarding and he got a
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little away from me. he was having trouble getting back into the shore. they came out and got him fairly quickly. >> go, go, go! >> reporter: this new class of lifeguard trainees found the rip tide rescue class exhausting. >> there's a lot of rips out there. the waves are like head high. >> how tiring is it? >> very tiring. >> reporter: experienced surfer agreed. >> works hard. you have to know what you are doing out there. it's pretty big. >> you love it. >> it's a lot of fun. >> for businesses like tony's pizza, there's a different concern, making up for friday's lost sales when the boardwalk was empty because of the storm. are you glad to see the customers coming back in? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: no one's happier than this couple who had to postpone the friday beach wedding. >> is with a little flustered but it all worked out. >> i knew we would get this done one way or another. >> reporter: happy ending for them. here in baltimore, the weather is beautiful tonight.
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just a little windy. so are the conditions going to stick around for the rest of labor day? bernadette woods has an updated look for us. >> earl is right behind us. want to show you first warning doppler radar. there is nothing going on in our area. we'll open this up and show you that then tire north east is under the same effect as us. farther north, we saw the showers but they stay add way from us. as far as winds go, let me show you updated winds. as we started out by saying they are bringing in cooler air and if you thought it was cooler today, just wait till tomorrow. i'll have the forecast coming up shortly. adam? >> bernadette, thank you. tragedy strikes. a 2-year-old child was pulled from a pool in picnic road in pasadena today.
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the child was rushed to the hospital but did not make it. it was a horrible accident and no foul play is suspected. police arrest a teenager they say is responsible for a botched robbery that med to murder. marcus mcfadson charged as a result. he trued to rob a man and shot and killed 30-year-old javon hill. a 20-year-old man is shot to death in baltimore city. police found the victim around 10:00 last night. doctors pronounced him dead at shock trauma. right now police do not have any suspects or motive in the case. tonight in north baltimore, a 15-year-old boy was shot in the face. the teenager was transported to the hospital where police say he is currently in stable condition. here's a cold case. police still don't know who murdered a prominent basketball player on the fourth of july. his family kicked up a fund-
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raiser with a message to other teenagers. wjz and weijia jiang is live with that for us. >> reporter: the family is already taking major steps to prevent it from happening again. it's been nearly two months since john crowder, a son of baltimore, was gunned down. they have been making it big as a basketball player already catching the attention of college scouts. this afternoon, family and community members went back to where the hoop dreams first started. >> one little guy sowed john john was a superstar. they remember him. and lots of us had the decline see him play ball. >> reporter: two years ago crowder left for texas to pursue basketball dreams. he was even featured in this dallas report. >> i moved here because it was rough in my neighborhood growing up. >> reporter: despite advice against it, he decided to move
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back to his grandmother's in northeast baltimore, a decision that cost him his life. he was shot and it was the result of a fight. his family, who kicked off fund- raising for the foundation with this event hopes other young men will learn from the tragedy. >> think about their decisions and how you make the wrong decision you might end up in a place you don't want to be, jail or dead. >> we don't want nothing like that happening again, like, kids killing each other. >> reporter: it is a message that couldn't save crowder in time. >> my hope is to make it to the nba, finish college, move my family to a better situation. it would be a good thing because my family is living, like, in a war zone. >> reporter: and family members hope the foundation eventually offers tutoring and athletic training essentially anything to keep these kids off the street. live in baltimore tonight, weijia jiang, "eyewitness news." >> very proactive, thank you. police are still investigating
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and have yet to make any arrests in the case. also tonight, the red cross is assisting a mother and child who narrowly escaped a fire in their home. the fire broke out on valiant circle in glenn bernie. you can sea the damage right here. investigators now say that this fire was intentionally set. >> we called for arson investigators to come in and investigate the fire, and lo and behold later on today it's been considered incendiary in nature. >> the damage is estimated at $140,000. anyone with information on the arson is urged to call 410-222- tips. for muslims it is the month of ramadan. a holy time of year which includes acts of charity. mike schuh shows us how local muslims are reaching out amid a national debate over their ruthen. >> reporter: the controversy near ground zero in new york has put muslims and their mosques in the public eye. attention that those who
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worship on this street in baltimore are well aware of. >> i look at it as a positive thing because people are paying atension to what muslims are doing. >> reporter: what they are doing today is building their charity outreach to the homeless. from food to toiletries, those at this mosque are part of when's called the day of dignity. >> we're helping put up the dignity. >> muslims during the month of ramadan it is very important to us to give to others and look out for other people. >> reporter: that's the day of dignity national coordinator. this is his dad. >> give them a day to let them know that all is well. >> reporter: you can't ignore negative feelings being generated by many americans during the mosque controversy in new york. frankly, though, these volunteers are more comfortable talking about it than i am. >> even though they have some people who are saying negative things, events like this will show the truth about what islam is and what muslims are doing
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here in the united states. >> we can't be concerned with that because the good work has to continue. no matter how much they beat your back, you'll still go forward. >> the toughest part about being a muslim is people not really understanding. i can't control how other people see me or perceive me. all i can do is be who i am. i am an american citizen. i'm from baltimore city. i am a proud american but i am also a muslim. >> reporter: here in baltimore, they hope to help 800 and 1200 people. nationwide it could be as many as 15 to 20,000. in baltimore, mike schuh, wjz "eyewitness news." back to you now on tv hill. >> that baltimore mosque is the largest of seven that are located in the city. a major safety change to a popular classified web site, craigslist, has apparently closed its adult services section tonight. this comes two weeks after attorneys general from 17 states including maryland demanded that it shut down. they cited the web site's inability to block essentially illegal ads that could promote
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child prostitution and child trafficking. it's been replaced tonight by a logo that says ce in. soh. we have a lot more including a strip club beating. one man claims he was attacked but this surveillance video shows a different thing. and unsanitary conditions. new startling accusations against the farm at the center of the national egg recall. what form are employees say about the products being sold on grocery store shelves. finding tide doe. why pet owners are using other dugs to find lost animals. i'm gigi barnett in howard county. details are just ahead. there's a taste of fall. we'll have the first warning forecast coming up.
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tonight, a key piece of evidence in the bp oil spill has been pull from the gulf. it took nearly 30 hours for crews to lift a failed blowout preventer. the device failed to stop oil from leaking into the gulf after the explosion in april. government officials are waiting to examine the facility in louisiana. a big disaster struck new
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zealand's second largest city. a massive earthquake toppled buildings and flooded streets in christchurch. it is a miracle no one was seriously hurt or killed in the quake. government officials estimate it could cost more than a billion dollars to clean up all of the damage. a man threatened to blow himself up inside a las vegas casino today. witnesses say the man walked in arizona charlie's with an explosive device strapped to his waist. police and s.w.a.t. team members surrounded the building after part of the casino was evacuated. security finally convinced the man to turn himself in. the man wanted to commit suicide by cop. a san antonio man is literally beating himself up after a rough night. he claims he was attacked in the parking lot while the management watched. then the club's owner released video of the man banging his own head against the hood of the car and eventually he starts punching himself. they say he was angry because
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security had just kicked him out of the building. former employees at that egg farm at the center of a national recall are making harsh claims against that company tonight. they say the company took eggs returned by grocery stores and repackaged them to sell. when they took their complaints to an on-site usda inspector, the employees claimed that they were ignored. >> those are coming through live cats, live mice, dead mice, chicken bones, live chickens, dead chickens. >> now, wright county egg issued a response claim nothing concerns were ever raised. when pets go missing, owners use fliers, web sites and word of mouth to track them down. but tonight, more people are starting to use other dogs in their search. >> her nose is to the ground and she's taking off now. she's looking for brutus. >> reporter: 3 yard heidi is part german shepherd, part lab
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and has a nose for search and rescue. heidi's sergeant isn't people but other animals. she tracks last pets through the organization called dogs finding dogs. >> good job! >> reporter: height did i's owner scarted the group two years ago. >> we did it for fun. within six months it exploded and became we need to do this a lot. >> reporter: for some pet owners, traditional lost pet fliers don't work so they wait and worry while the pet returns. they left their pet home while they went away on vacation and found out that petey was gone when they came home. after four days, ralph called dogs finding dogs. >> he had staked out a little nest in the garden or shed. he'd been lost for four days and sitting there fat, dumb and
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happy. >> reporter: the organization has a 90% success rate of finding lost pets. >> he under found in the strangest places. the cats, for example,ing can anywhere. they pop out from under decks, sheds, debris. >> reporter: maggie and marco's dog was fund in a patch of grass. she wanterred off before -- wandered off, and this time the reunion was quick. >> if you have a dog and you are a dog lover, you can sea why it's to important. >> i'm gigi barnett, "eyewitness news." >> all of the dogs are trained to also find people. i have done stories and seen that work. today's wendy weather did cause a minor setback for a family friendly apair. there was still a big turnout for the event sponsored by a nonprofit group that provides
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help to victims of domestic violence. they also feature face paintings, horse rides and plenty of good food. we just had the last update on hurricane earl. >> it is still officially a tropical storm but it is so far out there and racing off to the northeast. a little bit of a breather before something else gets going. >> it could be an active season. >> september is peak day anyway. so we're heading toward that. otherwise, a beautiful day around. a taste of fall in the area. started out at 64. we're going below today numbers. we're down to 73 degrees. the dew point is way down in the 40s. the winds did pick up today. they are sustained about 15 miles per hour, up to 20 miles
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per hour. gusts wilt continue to drop allowing those temperatures to plummet. it's all because of the storm system that kicked earl off shore. even though the front is off to the east, the low pressure driving the entire thing is off to the north of us pulling in all of this cooler air. you can also see off to the north there have been showers more in the way of clouds for us. we saw the clouds during the afternoon but those are since dying down, also. that low gets farther away for tomorrow so take the worst of the winds with it. we're going to get a breeze here but continued cool breeze. temperatures tomorrow only topping out in the 70s for most of us after starting out in the 50s. now as we head toward monday, though that already starts to change. that cool air gets out of here, winds turn back around to the so the south. we're back into the 80s by monday afternoon. tuesday and wednesday, don't get too used to the fall weather because we're going back up to 90 degrees. so when we put that together it
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looks like this in the tropics, too. a little bit of a breather but not finished yet. earl is gone, if he own that is history. this is gaston. the center core area is not classified at this point. we'll keep an eye on this one. this wave off the coast of africa could be turning into something. there is another area monitored from the national you had can center. could develop a -- national hurricane center. it could develop. we lose our advisories and winds churn up to 10 knots. tonight, all of of that dies down. 53 degrees for our low. tomorrow only recovering to 78. a breeze at times but not as windy as today. by monday, we're back up to 80 degrees. tuesday, wednesday, 91. the front comes through and
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knocks us back down to 84. adam. checking in with gigi barnett tomorrow on "eyewitness news" starting at 8:00 a.m. they have the updated forecast. fist, the ravens cut the roster down to the required 53 players. players. who got the ,,,,,,
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the terps made a visit out in owings mills. today marked the day of infamy as the roster got sliced down to 53 players. first david hail, testifien rogers all o-linemen placed on injured reserve. not to play at all this season. released today, troy smith the 2006 heisman trophy winner who played in 14 games over three seasons here. he was shocked to find out. antwon barnes traded to philadelphia for an undisclosed
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draft pack. secondary looking thin, though. these three cut. as for receivers, a trio gone. injury-plagued demetrius williams. and elan riley. albert mccapitol hillen number 47 attended ray lewis' high school on waiver as long with kicker shane graham who lost the battle with extra point man billy conditionedden. so add to the list. enough pros. college football now. morgan state for a full house of 7500. tonight against bowie state off this interception. two field goals, a safety and a touchdown. the bears beat the bulldogs 14- 7. maryland hosting morgan state in college park next saturday. by the way, the buffalo bills
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released runningback chad simpson today. speaking of the terps, university of maryland college park named the new athletic director. kevin anderson after four years years at the u.s. only academy in upstate new york now replaces debbie yoa who left for n.c. state a couple of months ago. high school football now, the 2010 kickoff archbishop spoiling. derrick -- archbishop spalding. they won in o. t. orioles baseball camden yards downtown, home crud warming up to nick markakis' mighty fine running catch. later on, be patient on the swing swing. no, he did not toss the line.
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matt weeders, bases loaded, orioles 8, rays 4. buck show walt every gets his 900th managerial victory. jamie mcmurray wins on the nascar scene and roger federer among the winners on the u.s. open. still to come, an unexpected treasure. why your next favorite beer could come from the bottom of the ocean coming up. this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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a team of divers found an unexpected treasure at the baltic sea. they began to salvage bottles in had the ship wreck money then they found 200-year-old beer. the divers were able to sip a little bit of that 18th century find. i can't imagine that tastes good. more than 7,000 people gathered in iowa to break the
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world hockey pokey record. the dance lasted about five minutes. here they are in honor of hayden frye. the 81-year-old did not put his right foot in but he did address the cloud. the old crowd beat the new one. when an accomplishment. we'll be right backck,,,,,,
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that's it for us tonight. be sure to watch us again

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